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e2 is specialized in developing projects and initiatives for highly developed communities and groups of investors with a special focus on socially useful projects and for the same purpose closely cooperates with communities, governments and civil society organizations in realizing the mission and vision of the investor. e2 prepares and manages projects in order to achieve the goal of maximum energy efficiency and self-sustainability and has developed procedures, strategies and innovations based on real long-term experience.


Project development is a complex process that we carry out into four typical phases: Project Initiation, Project Conception, Project Management and Marketing Project.

Project management

In order to increase efficiency and reduce the duration of the project, we have enabled investors to manage decisions from one place, and the software launches orders and integrates the activities of all contractors and subcontractors to ensure the success of the entire program.

Master Planning & Feasibility studies

A highly-educated team of experts from Geodesy, Civil Engineering, Urbanism and Architecture prepares a master plan. Upon approval by the investor, the Economic experts develops the Feasibility Study.

Detailed Engineering Design

Multidisciplinary in-house engineering services, detailed design package includes main project, worksheets project (concrete slab plans, iron reinforcement plans in concrete, worksheets of steel structures, energy pipeline distribution plans, electrical scheme and management app ) quantity and technical specifications.

Construction Management

Construction management services include the entire site activities required for execution of projects.

Turn Key Projects

We have the capability to provide the consulting, supervision, engineering, management, logistics, equipment supply, site preparation, equipment installation and full site works to investors needs.